Check the security of your private Nextcloud server

Privacy does not exist without security. To help you keep your data yours, this scan analyzes the security of your server and gives you an overview of what to improve.


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  • Our scan is strictly based on publicly available information, that is the list of known vulnerabilities relevant for ownCloud/Nextcloud releases as well as any applied hardenings/settings we can scan without having access to the server. Find more hardening tips in our hardening guide and keep your system up to date.
  • This is no more than a snapshot in time. Security is an ongoing process and new insights and updates have to be applied to remain secure.
  • No complicated system can ever be fully secure and even an A+ rated system can be vulnerable to unknown issues and determined (state) attackers.
  • The rating is automatically generated based on the list of applicable security advisories. The actual risk depends on your environment and may differ.


This security check is for Nextcloud cloud servers only. Nextcloud can not guarantee exact and/or proper results with other cloud servers than Nextcloud.

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